Star Family Update

Aloha!  Much has been happening in the past few weeks as we prepare for the arrival of the Pleaideans.  For some, new sounds and ways of healing are coming into their midst, for others, an increase in awareness in their diet or exercise program has become apparent.  Whatever it is, the Pleaideans are the healers of the multi-verse, and as such, those who resonate with this particular Star family often have healing and intuitive abilities.  You may find that these are increasing of late, or that the dreams are containing messages and guidances.  This is an extremely spiritual time, and one must honor the essence within that heeds this call to our star brethren.  As the baby plants poke through in the northern hemisphere, so too, are the spiritual gifts of those called in this endeavor.  Remember to be kind and full of compassion.  We understand that at times some in this world do not yet ‘get it,’ but that is okay, in time they will.  What is important is to honor who you are and your origins in the stars.  You are guardian of this planet, true, but also a way-shower.   It is a time of healing, cleansing and renewal.  Prepare yourself along these lines.  Eat healthy, pray and meditate daily, stretch and give your body movement;  remove yourself from situations, places or people who are toxic, be strong and of the light mind.  This is the midst of the paradigm shift.  Your vibration is ever important in bringing it through to others.  Love and be, for all is in divine right order.  April 11, 2014 will be here before you realize.  Make this time of preparation a mindful one.  blessImage


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