Starship of Light is coming soon

Many of you have been noticing numbers, or sequences of numbers in your meditations, dreams, or even in your waking, 3rd dimensional life. What most of you are seeing is related to the number 12. Many have seen numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12. Some have even seen the number 13 (12 + 1). These are holy numbers and the vibrations of which sacred beginnings have been made, and celebrated. These numbers create a vortex of sacred geometrical pathways for the Starship of Light to pass through. Many of you have begun to see your ‘friends’ from other dimensions, inviting you to take place on your mission of light. Your inner knowingness knows it to be true, and go forth you do. Some are remembering these encounters, others have a vague knowingness that something has occurred, although they could not explain what it is. Look at the stars. See their angles, patterns, or shapes. In reality they are shapes that are anything but planar. They have shape to them, creating a gateway of transformation. There are many missions on this planet right now. Listen to that subtle voice that tells you your purpose and mission. You have incarnated here for a reason, and as such, have created this moment long ago before you came into this existence. Remember who you are and what your purpose is. Go forth and meet those star family who will help you to remember your talents. The Starship of Light is coming soon. It is time to look to the stars, and within, and be ready for the next step. bless


2 thoughts on “Starship of Light is coming soon

  1. 🙂 i had contact outside my balcony last night! Was so strange to see those I have met in dream state – just hanging out in a ship in my day to day life. I thought I was going mental but I also felt it so truely I just laughed. My solar plexus went mental and I breathed deep to get the connection. The energy was overwhelming – I shook for about 45 mins after it happened. Then last night I dreamt the earth sinking into a toroidal flow and resurfacing – looking as it does now – but with no monetary systems and everyone was living in love – it was amazing. Can we connect on FB? I’m grounded as fuck – so for this to happen whn I was just siting at my desk and got the MSG ‘run outside’ (10pm freezing Melbourne winter – I didn’t want to!) but I got pulled out – it was beyond amazing x cheers

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