About Linda and Reynolds

Who We Are

Reynolds Kamakawiwoole

As a former policeman, Reynolds has served his community his entire life with honor and dignity.  He is a Hawaiian Spiritualist and a member of the Royal Order of Kamahameha.  While working in his home one day in 1996, Spirit informed him “the world will need to be rebuilt with more people connected to God.”  He and Linda now devote their lives to this mission.

Linda Hostalek D.O.

As an incarnate star being, Dr. Hostalek has always been in touch with other realms, especially those from the Pleiades.  Blessed with the ability to see in other dimensions, beings would come and teach her the ways of the mystic and help her to understand her place in the birthing of the new Earth.  A gifted healer, medium, medical intuitive, and psychic, her gifts further developed under the training of powerful healers and shamans in Europe and South America.  This further complimented her traditional and non-traditional medical training in the US.  A master ceremonialist, she communes with the natural world in the way her star family has shown her, as she strives to help others awaken to the healing power within.  Together, Linda, along with Reynolds, are charged with bringing in the New Earth.  She channels spirit through her paintings, and is also the author of ‘Mystic Awakening of an American Physician.’

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