About Starkeepers

How Starkeepers Came To Be

Divine Servant Star Beings Come Together In Love

Linda Hostalek and Reynolds Kamakawiwoole are the Starkeepers.  Given this title by the Galactic Federation of Light, they have been instrumental in delivering messages from the star nations and in helping humanity ascend through events, workshops, and individual training sessions.  They are the ones who have been chosen to know the numeric codes to connect to Christ, Pele, and the other star beings and archangels.  The schedule of Christ was also given to them.

Linda and Reynolds have both been blessed with amazing abilities of spirit.  Masterful healers and teachers in their own right, both had taught spirituality for over a decade prior to knowing each other.  When they came together in ceremony it was very clean there was an extra-ordinary connection between them, as they both held the keys to the stars but held only half of the unified piece.  As they listened to Spirit’s voice show them how to bring in the new Earth, the abilities of each were heightened and they knew it was time to do the spiritual work full on.

They now work together to receive the messages and translate them to the people of the new Earth, as they walk the path of love and light together.  We invite you to join with them in this new way of being, and in the creation of the new Earth.

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