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Through the journey of the soul, some things are written about and are now available as books.  Whether you prefer digital media or a traditional paperback book or CD, these offerings below will give you an insight into our lives.  Thank you for visiting this page, and if you have read one of the books or listened to the CD, please let us know what you think.  bless

New Release!!!

The StarChild Channels The Crystal Skull from the Stars

Dr. Linda Hostalek is a channel for the crystal StarChild skull.  This book first goes into how Linda was led to StarChild, and how StarChild wanted to begin to tell the world what the energy of the day was.  From this compilation, one can open up the book for the reading of the day, or read it through for compelling insights to our Star Family.  Available both in paperback and digital format.

Going to Jupiter by Dr LInda Hostalek

A shaman is called to the realm of Jupiter to learn about sacred geometry and the nature of shapes. She travels through layers of consciousness and time to arrive to a sacred place of the void of creation. There she encounters sacred shapes that make up the fabric of the multiverse.

Mystic Awakening of an American Physician by Linda Hostalek D.O.

Mystic Awakening of an American Physician tells the story of a woman’s journey through transformative healing. Spirit teaches her through natural means, and as she becomes more aware, she receives multiple messages from nature and dreams. This leads her to embark on a life changing journey to the ancient Andes mountains in Peru, the home of the Q’ero, where she encounters the vibrational healing of unconditional love, ‘munay’, culminating in her shamanic initiation on the death stone at Macchu Pichu, and the awakening of the mystic inside. Bringing that healing home, her life is transformed and a healer is awakened.

Moving to Hawaii – Coming Home to the Big Island  by Linda Hostalek D.O.

Moving to Hawaii – Coming Home to the Big Island is a handbook to help those thinking of making the leap from the mainland to the Big Island. Complete with insights of her own journey here, this makes a great introduction to your new life on the islands. Also great for those who plan on a visit. Basics on where to go for what, including moving advice, some Hawaiian culture and basic words, holidays (they have additional ones than on the mainland), and sacred places and beaches. Thank you for making this a best seller on Amazon!  Enjoy this adventure! bless

Intro to the Chakras Meditation CD now available!

narrated by Linda Hostalek D.O. guides one through the basics of the chakras followed by a brief meditation.  Great way to find your center.  bless

Dr. Hostalek’s spiritual artwork can be viewed at

These books are also available in print versions through


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