Love to the Ocean Family – A Starkeepers Event with Linda and Reynolds

July 27, 2013

All over the world

Please join us in setting time aside on this day to honor, love and bring restoration to the holy Ocean family.  The Star Family come in many forms, and the Ocean family is one of the first forms which has kept our planet knitted together with the hormonic vibrations of love that they nurture us with daily.  The great cycle of water touches all life.  Honor that with love and prayers in sacred space.  Together our focused vibration of love is stronger to restore the balance.  Thank you to the Star Family/Ocean Family for holding the space which allows us to exist on this planet to learn the holy lessons of love, forgiveness and restoration.  Please take the time to do what you can to love this blue planet.  Thank you for forming your own groups in ceremony all over the word.  Please join us on Facebook as well.  Thank you!

The Ocean family has called out for love. The toxic ways of some of the humans have caused great distress for those who live in the sea. The link between the Ocean family and Star family is the same. Please join us in sending waves of love and healing to the oceans of all the world. We all depend on the ocean, and the cycles of water. Water carries vibrational energy and is responsive to the consciousness of those who send their love. Please join us in sending that love to the oceans, every day, but in a focused way on July 27th. Please share this or gather groups to meditate and pray for the health of our multiverse. bless


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