Sharing the Love and Peace

Many shifts are happening as the world fixates on yet another war.  We are here to remind you that the way to peace is through love.  Reynolds has of late been visited by his Sirian star family and they began to place a golden armor on him.  This has grown over the past few nights.  Last night we were transported to another dimension with a great counsel of beings.  They have come from all over the multiverse for this mission of a peaceful Earth is pressing to them as well.  This is not the first of these meetings, nor will it be the last, but we were present and we were to go in.   I could see myself in full Pleiadean regalia, and Reynolds in his Sirian armor, as well as all the other star families in their galactic best.  This was an important meeting, as the peace of Earth affects all in the multiverse. As we prepared, we were toning in unison for a long while, and then a vortex of light opened up.  White light that went down to Earth.  I was presented with an old friend to assist me, a white pegasus, named Kali, whom I rode near daily when I was a child.  It was good to see her again.  I climbed upon her back.  Reynolds was attached to me with a thin metal chain, like a necklace, with a gem in the middle.  He got on and we began to descend down the vortex.  He then was told to jump in the middle, while Kali and I made a diagonal loop, spiraling down like a helix.  

When we got close to Earth, we saw the map of the middle east and noticed the vortex was centered over Syria.  We continued to go down, and smoke and density greeted us. We continued on through the dense smoke until Reynolds feet were firmly on the ground.  I continued on the pegasus, and noticed that where her wings were, rainbows began.  We rode in a circle to clear the area and bring in the light of the sparkly rainbows. This made the way clear and also facilitated instructions from the counsel above.  Reynolds, meanwhile, was to hold firmly on the ground as I guided him, the slight silver chain would ensure we stay near.  Multiple shots of anger, distrust, and many other densities flew towards him.  Explosions occurred.  His newly placed golden armor was invincible to these attacks.  I was not, however, and rode swiftly to stay out of harms way.  He vibrated the golden love from his heart as he took ever increasing attacks.  It was then I was told he was to find the cave, tomb, or rock, as there was an energy there that was to help.  This was the sacred area that this region holds, and although many centuries have passed, is the origin for this holy ground.  He found a rock guarding an opening to a cave like structure.  I was instructed that he put his right hand on it.  As he placed his right hand upon this stone structure, a quantum force of energy permeated the entire region, rendering us incapable of further movement.  This was huge, like a unified field blast of love.   We then floated together to the top of the vortex, the energy of unconditional love that was released there, carried us to the top, intact and unharmed.  Our mission for now, was complete.  There was great celebration at this counsel, but we were told there would be more.  This dimensional shift was able to happen due to the amount of love and prayer being sent to this area by all of star family and mankind at this time.  This makes the way of love, which is the healing vibration, bringing change to all, including this most volatile region of this world.  We were told of the importance that all those on Earth continue the prayers and healing energies for this area of the world, and for the leaders of this crisis to have an open and loving heart.  Much more needs to be done, but the galactic leaders are behind the world finding peace.  It is important to them as well, as what affects Earth, affects the rest of the multi-verse, and was why they were summoned.  We were asked to remind beings that their love and prayers matter greatly, for the intent of peace and love is very powerful.  We do not know when or if we will be called again, as there are many in this world who carry this charge, but wanted to update all on the energetic shift that happened last night.  Knowing that all change happens first in the energetic realm, I am encouraged.  Please remain vigilant in your prayers for love and peace to prevail.  In the worlds of Christ, ‘Make Peace your Goal.’  blessImage


Golden Lyrian Ship sighted at Full Moon

It has been an incredible time of late.  With the recent sighting of the red triangular ship, Star Family had made it clear that ships would also be present through the full moon.  Many have reported seeing ships of differing sizes, shapes and colors throughout this time period.  Last night, as we peered at the full moon, we saw a glittery golden ship.  Sort of a truncated pyramidal shape, it was clear that it was from Lyra.  This rarely seen ship has traveled far to bring us this message of Illumination.  Contact was made again at 2:22 am, and was told that another contact, and the message would be delivered at 1:11pm, local time.  In between the night and day times, we received confirmation that others have also seen this Golden ship, not only in Hawaii, but also on the east coast of the mainland, where many gathered and were witness to it.  


At 1:10pm, I felt the ships presence and went to a tree overlooking the water, at 1:11pm, the transmission began:



The Tree had may branches reaching over the water, a sturdy trunk, and multiple, thick roots stretching over the land.  I perched on one of the enormous roots and connected at that moment.


There are many expression of the Divine, one trunk and many roots.  All is one, and although it may seem separate, in reality it is one essence.  


The Golden light is the complement to the blue light that comes from and through the Pleiades.  The Golden ray of Illumination, along with the Blue ray of healing and life, (including the ability to transfer between lives), combine in the green ray of love, harmony and peace, which vibrates through the plant beings to immerse this planet in love.  There are 12 main vibrational essences, each along with a color, represented by various Star Families.  These are analogous to the 12 strands of DNA which are vibrating with new light codes that were downloaded during the ascension phase over the past two years or so (the ‘junk’ DNA activation phase).  Each strand contains a different element of color, and thus a different gift.  This Golden Ray is representative of the Lyrian Star Family, but has been represented in the past as ArchAngel Michael, the golden warrior angel, whose armor glows as gold as his sword cuts to the truth, and slays the lies.  


The Lyrians are the cat beings.  That primal  Divine Feline Energy has been represented as that of Bat, the Egyptian Cat Goddess, or as Sacred Tigers in the Himalayas, or Jaguars in the Americas.  The essence of this feline energy is one that is powerful enough to slay, but gentle enough to cuddle and purr.  It is this essence that has come in power, strength and beauty.  This is to make all aware that we carry both sides of the energies, and it is our choice as to which aspect of the energy comes through.  


Choose the love, as this what this transformative period is all about.  Transformation through Illumination.  This is the Golden Ray of Illumination delivered by the Golden Lyrian Ship.  Those who have seen this ship will see it again, and it precedes the arrival of the white ship of the bird people. (There was no mention when this would occur)  


To vibrate with this Lyrian Cat-like energy, we are reminded to stretch our bodies, lay in the sun, be finicky with what we ingest, move in a way that the energy feels better, and to be comfortable in your own ‘skin.’  Retain the flexibility of a cat in all aspects of the body, mind and spirit.  Notice if you can see better in the dark, or if you can balance better.  Can you hear the spirit’s voice and intuit the essences of creatures of the night.  The void is ripe with infinite possibilities.  What you create is up to you.  Embrace this energy as in becomes ones with your essence.  You will then be ready to meet the white ship when it arrives.  blessImage

Mothership day 2

After last night’s incredible contact with the mother ship, I could feel the presence all throughout the day.  Called to go near the water, I could feel the underwater bases, where we have seen ships several times before.  We had intended to go snorkeling, and immerse ourselves in the great sea, but it rained, and the rain was gently guiding us to go to another sacred site here on the island.  There is a sacred tree, the guardian of the holy Waipio Valley.  UFOs are regularly seen there, and we have a special relationship to the guardian tree, having stopped its destruction only a mere month ago.  I heard the call, and we went, in the rain, to that holy spot.  There is an underwater base off in ocean there as well, and we settled in and went into sacred space.  


The message was as follows:


This is a holy day.  We are with you for 3 days.  This is the second day.  Today we align ourselves with the underground temples of light, and with the undersea bases.  All are in alignment and the presence will be felt throughout the Earth.  Many will see this ship or, more likely, some of the satellite ships that accompany us.  This is especially true in countries where there is deep water near one of the undersea bases.  South America has many ships coming out of Lake Titicaca, others areas along the Pacific are also witnessing activity, as are those bases in the Caribbean. We are here to connect these grids and activate the sacred geometry that they form when activated throughout the Earth.  You would know it as a merkaba.  The bases and temples have been power spots for centuries, and contain many of the holiest places on Earth on the grid lines.  It is now that as above so below will begin to be relevant in this sphere of reference as this sacred geometry reveals its inherent power.  The waters are holy.  The rain you are experiencing is holy.  It is the substance of life throughout the galaxy.  It came from the stars, as did all of the life on this planet.  Without it, all life as you know it would cease to exist.  It is the holy carrier of the vibrations of truth.  Too many have come to pollute and desecrate the holy waters.  We are here to amplify the light frequencies at the bases and temples to bring healing to these waters.  You, too, are made of water.  It is a crystalline substance and allows us to communicate with you.  Your very body is a crystal of sorts.  


Many of you are experiencing our love for you, our younger brothers and sisters.  We are here to help you to graduate to a full member of the galactic family.  There is much to do to help save your planet and its people.  We are here to teach you the ways of love, peace, harmony and compassion – and how to heal your mother Earth.  That is why we are here as all nations together, as a template for you to see that it is not only possible to put aside your slight differences, but in your greatest benefit to work together through the sacred heart-space of love and light.  When you treat your fellow human and planet as you treat yourself, you will begin to see that there is no separation, but that love is what binds all together in the multiverse – including you to each other.  


 Many people are seeking the answers to when they will ‘see’ us.  We are already here.  We slip into the dimensions of spirit realm to show ourselves to those who are ready.  On occasion, we will show ourselves to those who are not quite ‘ready’ as they see it, but we know different and wake them up.  



The activation of the temples and bases in synchronistic alignment with us is the beginning of true peace.  Remember it comes from within.  The heart is where the revolution of love must start.  As you act from your heart, your decisions will affect the other beings you interact with.  That is the beginning of the golden age.  


True, there are those who still need to fulfill their mission as adversaries on this planet, and to have the great awakening that will illuminate many through their example.  As you focus your love and attention to these places and peoples that transition will happen more quickly.  


We are revising our plan of non interference.  We are here, but as of now have no intention of interfering in any of your endeavors.  We are here to guide the way, and to show you it is possible.  This is especially relevant to those in great positions of power who lead many people.  You, especially, are feeling the weight of the magnitude of this encounter.  We are meeting with many of you to discuss the disclosure.  The temples and bases are now fully operational.  Expect an increase in synchronistic encounters and intuition, and dreams.  We are speaking to you, it is not your imagination.  We will never tell you what to do, but will show you aspects of your own internal mechanisms to show you your own potential, and to guide you in the direction you know you are to take.    


Send your intention with love and prayers for the highest good of all.  This will eliminate any ego or agenda which can often be hidden from you.  Look to the skies, listen to the natural world and connect through the water.  The water connects all to all, including us to you.  We will be in touch again tomorrow, and will continue our meetings with you world leaders.  Send your light and bask in the glow that is your birthright.  You are beings of light and love who volunteered to come here at this time for this very purpose.  That is why this seems so familiar to many of you.  You are remembering, and we are here to help you remember you who are, star beings, who came here with a holy mission of love.’