Silver (white) and Gold (yellow) ships tonight, northeast sky – 7 to 8 pm your local time

Today will see the appearance of the white and yellow ships, they will appear more like silver and gold.  Interesting that these colors of light ships appear right before the coming of the return of the light, the solstice in the northern hemisphere of the blue globe called Earth.  


This is to illuminate the opposing hemispheres of the brain, bringing the intellect and the creative aspects of one’s being together in a cohesive union of brightness.  Many forces are at play today, and there is much work being done within.  This is a day of celebration for those not distracted by the Earthly realms.  


Discover your inner knowing of who you are and why you are here.  Do you know your purpose?  Are you fulfilling this?  How can you make your life even better?  Seek these answers from within, and seek your star family tonight.  The hours of 7 to 8 pm local time is the best time for them to be seen.  Look to the northeast, and open your heart and receive your revelation.



White ship seen over Hawaii

Today the white ship appeared.  The Buddhist lantern ceremony of honoring ancestors and loved ones who have transitioned was performed today in a lovely Hawaii bay.  The chantings and prayers from the Buddhist monk were powerful as the lanterns were lighted and all prayed together in unison.  As the lanterns were lovingly placed in the water, the sight was magical as they began to float out into the bay, and out through the inlet and out to the open sea.  I watched as angels guided the souls who were set free in the lighted lanterns, and set out to sea. 


As the first round of lanterns came, a large white bird being flew by, taking the souls to the next realm.  When the next wave of lanterns floated by, the bird being returned for their souls as well.  The angels continued to free the lanterns that were caught on the rocks.  It was then that the white ship appeared in the northwest sky.  The wind began to blow and the lanterns were freed and set out to sea.  As they passed the inlet, the white bird being again returned, signifying they were all taken to the next realm.  


The white ship is the ship of the ‘bird people,’ so called because they are often observed as bird headed humans.  They may also appear as winged angels, or as humanoid with large talons where a human’s feet would be.  They deliver a pure, high vibration of love and purity, and reminds us to be pure and holy as well.  It is through their realm that we pass through to the next dimension.  Many have encountered this star family without even knowing it.  It is time to be more mindful of the encounters now.


The lanterns continued out to the open sea as the waves crashed against the shore as the stars shone above.  The white ship stayed there for only a few moments, just to let us all know it was there.  Most were too focused on the lanterns floating in the sea to take notice of the sky.  It was approximately 7:25 pm Hawaii time.


Expect to see increased encounters with birds and flying creatures over the next several days.  Emulate the behavior that resonates with you to fully take advantage of the energies present.


They said that many various Star Families will be returning to connect with those here on Earth.  Those with family roots in Sirius and Orion will notice the next wave more pronounced than others, although all will feel the presence if mindful.  This is in part due to the need for their help in overcoming the tragic ways humans are treating each other.  It is time to restore the harmony, love and kindness so that there may peace, and our planet being restored back to health.  


It is time to realize that we are much more similar than we are different, in fact we are one family, as we all come from the stars.  It is time to release the pettiness and get on with the business of restoring peace.  Take time to connect to one’s star family through communication with nature, by looking to the sky, and by listening to the small, still voice within.  It is given to us for a reason.  


The white ship did not indicate when it would return, but did indicate more waves of sightings will begin soon, and to keep our eyes to the skies and our ears to the ground.  There will soon be signs on the Earth that will speak to you.  This may be the lighted path in a forest, or the rumblings of a quake, but the signs will begin within one week.  Do not fear, this is only to remind you that you are so much more than the earthly body in which you inhabit currently.  


Your DNA has been upgraded and is beginning to function.  Abilities are strengthening within you as you connect with the natural world.  This will continue and is part of the new normal of this era.  You will begin to hear of humans who have what seems to be extraordinary abilities.  Remember, that you, too, have abilities that are evolving, and as you listen to your star family’s messages for you, you will develop those abilities more quickly.  


Some may find that have either extra energy, or may be very tired, almost to the point of feeling drugged.  This is due to the upgrades you are receiving, and will pass within the week.  Try out what seems different to you, you may find your senses are improving, and that perhaps you can see better or hear better, or may heal faster or begin to receive messages.


The time table is an accelerated one.  It is already here and now all are catching up with the soon to be future.   Enjoy this time, it is preparing you for optimization of your gifts so that you may better serve.  bless


I thought I would also include today’s StarChild channeling, as when I read it after today’s events, it touched my heart.  May your days be blessed.  Starkeepers


‘Health is a gift you give yourself. Take the time today to recharge yourself, for there is still much work to be done. Fortify yourself for this mission, by taking this day to rest and relax. Make the time to connect with the natural world around you, for that nurtures your soul and gives peace to your body, by harmonizing the vibrational forces within and around you. Allow any densities to be released, so that you are a pure channel of light and love, which is your true essence. You will then find that you are in the best place to complete your mission you came here to do. Kindness, compassion, harmony, and love as required as you work for the peace between all. Make peace your goal within yourself as well, for then you are better equipped to deal with the things that are coming. We are here to remind you of your perfection in being, that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this time. Take this day to take a pause and reflect, so you may direct your energies to that which you came here for. Enjoy your gifts, your talents and those whom you love. The crystal being of rose quartz is one to surround yourself with today if possible. Channel the gentle love for self, others, and the multi-verse, as you connect to the vibration of health and wellness for all through the rose quartz. Connect to the color if you are not around the stone. It is good, and it is time.’-StarChild



Star Family Update – contact has been made

The mother ship is here and will continue her visitations for the next three days.  Please connect daily to the stars and listen for your message.  All races are represented here, and they are initiating contact.  Listen and be still in sacred space. Drum, chant, rattle, pray, dance, burn sage or incense, or open sacred space in whatever way you are comfortable with.  This is the transcript from last night’s contact.  bless    ‘I am in awe of what I have just witnessed. As per instructions from the star family, I went outside at the appointed time. The mother ship was to be nearby in the sky at this particular time. As I went outside, I sat overlooking the ocean, and went in to a sacred state. Above me, was the bottom of a great ship, whose ends were not visible. It stretched to way over the ocean, up to the mountain, and what appeared to be both sides of the island. As I sat there, mesmerized by this site, I saw concentric circles of blue-white light come down from the ship. The one at the bottom of the ship was huge, the next smaller, and smaller, until the smallest one, which was the size of my head, and surrounded it. At that moment, I was given some instructions, and this message: The revolution is of the heart. Those in positions of leadership know we are here, and their hearts are being adjusted to this fact. For some, it is a matter of voicing our presence, for we have been working with some leaders for quite some time. For others, things in their world are beginning to change, and for them it is not yet making sense. We are not here to scare them, but rather to open their eyes to the truth, and to their position of leadership for the good of all beings. For some have heart’s that have been hardened through personal power, greed and ego, and for them to see the truth of their actions will require they expose their true soul which is love, like all others. They must then allow forgiveness to take place in their heart to allow change in their actions and positions. This will take some time, for now they are still questioning why they are feeling contrary to what they have told themselves they believe to allow them to continue in that pattern. This must now be reversed. To take their positions of leadership will require the strength to stand up to the status quo, which they have had a huge part in. This will not result in an immediate change, but rather a softening leading to a change. Others, who already are aware of our presence, are understanding their role in stepping up to lead others in this paradigm of love. The love is so powerful, that all will accept it eventually, but may struggle with trust issues as this reality becomes true for them. Compassion and peace are the way of the galactic federation, and it is now time for the beings on Earth to graduate to this level of tolerance, love and peace. All your religions have been based on this fact, as we taught this to you so very long ago. The ego, greed and power has led to divisiveness which has led many to forget that the very tenet of love and peace which all beings know at their core. It is time to remember, and that is why we are here. Your leaders are remembering. That is disturbing for some, refreshing for others. More information will be given daily for the next several days. Disclosure has already happened. The heart awakenings are in place. We are here to monitor the situation, as we find that some humans regress in times of paradigm shifts, wishing to keep the old structure in place, even though it is crumbling before their eyes. That is the case here. So with love and compassion, we will work on the hearts. We hear those who call us, and we are strengthening each one to more fully realize their position in this multi-galactic world you are entering and becoming a full fledged member of. Earth and humanity IS ready. People are learning to trust what is true from an internal compass which will always harmonize with the light and love of the vibration they are aligned with. It is good.’

With that thousands of little tiny lights flickered and felt like little angel wings. The rings then disappeared. More will be revealed tomorrow. But for now, I am grateful for this experience, and will look to the sky tomorrow for more revelations. bless