New Video coming soon! Stay turned and keep your eyes to the skies!

Thank you to the Cousins brothers from Third Phase Moon for their generosity in getting the breakthrough information out.  A few months ago, Starkeepers were involved in a project that resulted in real time photos of alien ships, specifically, Pleadiean Ships.  Shot by those who were not sure of what they had witnessed, and perhaps too controversial to air, this footage remained with the Third Phase Moon.  We did an update today.  The Pleadians were there blessing the filming today as well, although no pictures of their craft was taken.  They will be visible for the next three days in the north western sky, beginning at dusk.  You may see them as sparkles of light as well as actual ships.  Their message is once again of the honoring of the Earth-being and all living beings in the vibration of love, light, compassion, and peace.  Go in peace and vibrate high energies to those beings everywhere.  bless

p.s. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers – including our Mother Earth.  blessImage

Star Family Update

Know that star ships can come in many colors.  If you see your family, you will know, no matter what color it is.  Listen with the eyes of your soul, and hear with the spiritual eyes of the Great Creator.  Know you are watched over and blessed during this most auspicious time – and always.  bless

Star Family Update



The past few days have seen confirmations from all over the glove in regards to the shift in preparation for the Pleiadean’s arrival on April 11th.  Many have received downloads regarding the importance of shifting their sounds (vibrations) and rearranging the ‘songs’ that we play.  This allows for different outcomes than previous experiences.  Many projects of spiritual intents of many months or years in the making are now beginning to bear fruit.  Some are noticing increased creative cycles or sudden flashes of insight.  There is still distractions, yet if one keeps the focus on the progress of the new world of light, love, harmony and peace, one can see the funneling of the cosmic energies becoming more clear.  These cosmic forces which have now passed through the equinox, with all the assorted ceremonies performed all over this globe, have ushered in this new cycle of light.  Creation of the new way of life is now enhanced.  Listen to your dreams and visions as they hold great power to inform you at this time.  In preparation for this Star Family contact, make a daily commitment to prayer and meditation.  Face the north and ask for your ancestors to show you the way.  The connection is already established, and many are already feeling this inter-dimensional axis open.  It will continue to gain strength until the 11th, as then the energy of the Holy Ones will take precedent.  It is a most auspicious time.  Note if layers of density still need to be shed and allow that process to flow.  Bathe in a salt bath, smudge your space with sage or other incense and burn a white candle.  In addition to the Pleaideans, other star families are also participating, especially the Arcturians, Sirians, and Andromedans, and will come along with them in an inter-dimensional federation of light.  Many of you are already working with them and know your assignments  in this upcoming event.  Be full of light, love and compassion and stay in the highest of vibrations.  Your resonance allows others to connect and change their paradigm, thus ushering in the great paradigm shift of this time.  Stay away from those foods which deplete your essence, and embrace living foods which have vitality.  Stay rested and well hydrated, you are being prepared for this most special gift from our Star family.  Focus on the harmonics of everything you encounter, food, sounds, lights, emotions, relationships, the land, sky, seas, stars, and spirit.  Honor  your own harmonic that is unique to your vibration.  This is your star song.  Rejoice! 

Star Family Update

The universe has blessed us with the reminder that sometimes one must be still and heal.  In our case, many energies have flown through since the new moon, culminating in the pink full moon, just recently past.  What this has meant is since the Lumerian codes were re-instated on the new moon on the holy mountain, Mauna Kea, huge galactic shifts have been the norm, rather that the occasional. The Pleaideans have been especially active in their roles as healers of this being, Earth, and the beings who live upon here.  Notice the increase in the pink lights (sometimes golden) in the night sky?  We have seen shifts in energies whose presence is no longer required here on Earth to leave and go to the light, with accompanying new angelic presences taking root on this planet-being through the plant kingdom.  Many of you have also felt these shifts as old patterns of woundedness have come up for some, to be exposed to the light and no longer harm, releasing yourself and others from the bondage of the karma previously held.  Others have had revelations of star family coming to visit them in the dream time, or even in full waking reality.   Some are hearing the plants or animals talk.  The disclosure hearings are going on, and people are publicly talking about their experience with those who come from the stars.  Yes, the energy has been intense, and it will become more so as the roller coaster ride of spirit continues with the eclipses beginning this month.  This allows one to examine closely certain aspects of one’s being, and to further fulfill one’s mission here on Earth.  You are being guided and as you listen, go inward and learn, the Divine will reveal to you more about your path.  Stay strong and focused.  Your path is your path, honor your truth and  go forth in love.  You planned for this time long ago before you came, rejoice for the time for celebrating draws near.  In your happiness you find glimpses of your divine purpose for which you are sent.   Follow your bliss and your inner knowing, and pave the way for peace.  bless