Pele’s commandments

Many of you know that the lava is approaching Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Pele contacts me frequently, and as of late, it has been to produce this painting.  It started out when she told me “I will show myself to you” and told me to go outside in the middle of night several weeks ago, only to put the painting down until a few weeks ago, when the messages began coming in earnest, during the time of the Starship of LIght.  This is to inform all of those interested in her message, especially those near Pahoa.  Please pray for all those in her path, and may the highest will of all be done.  Starkeepers, Linda and Reynolds will go there tomorrow as directed by her today, along with the painting, to do ceremony and to bless and pray for the area.  Please join us in sending your love and prayers to this area during this time, sometime midday, Friday, September 12, 2014.  And please listen to her words, and see through her vision that she wants to share with all.  bless


By Artist Linda Hostalek Watercolor on cotton rag 14×11

Pele's Commandments by Artist Linda Hostalek - close up of the words of her commandments, respect, love, truth, transformation, compassion and 'be pono'

Pele’s Commandments by Artist Linda Hostalek – close up of the words of her commandments, respect, love, truth, transformation, compassion and ‘be pono’

close up of eyes

close up of eyes

Lava flows out of her mouth, she will know respect, and she does this with power and grace.

Lava flows out of her mouth, she will know respect, and she does this with power and grace.

Every once in a while a creation comes along that is intense enough to be a little scary. Pele’s Commandments is such a creation. A few months ago during a new moon in the middle if the night in the rain, I was instructed by Madame Pele to take my paint outside and pour it on the cotton rag paper as directed. In the dark, I took red, yellow, orange and bright pink and poured them as directed. What remained looked somewhat like a face, although it was put down and was told to wait for further instructions.

When Pele began to deliver her messages in earnest, the unfinished painting began to call. Pele was talking about the need for respect, and her ability to transform where not respected if she wished. She told me to resume the painting, following her instructions during the creation. As the lava began to flow, she began to tell me about that which is important – respect, truth, compassion, love, honor, transformation and to ‘be pono.’ Each day she delivered these messages as she directed my brush strokes and color selections. Those words are being delivered out of her mouth to care for her land – the very land she creates!
As her lava is nearing homesteads I pray that all will heed her commandments for a better way of being. She can turn any way at any time. Let’s all heed her commandments and be better humans in all aspects of our being. Bless

In preparation for the sun

In preparation for the sun


The alternate worlds are making themselves clear.  This time frame is allowing the substance to bridge the worlds and bring the information back and forth.  Part of this has been an introduction to the world of Elsinore, a world about 7 galaxies away.  A world known long ago to me, it was the time now to bring Reynolds to this place.  The great being brought him from his office chair, through the cosmos to this new to him place.  I was already there, talking with a being who has been well known to me, who was being prepared for her soon to be initiated into the realm of the humans.  For some reason, it is my responsibility to facilitate both of these transfer requests.  As Reynolds came to the desk made for him, the beings there spoke to each other that ‘he is an avatar’.  This was news to Reynolds, as he had not yet realized that about himself.  He was then led to see a white ship, with many sails, on a beautiful blue sea.  The whitest of white, it was powered by crystalline light of many colors.  This was the holy ship.  He and I boarded this ship.  There was a doorway.  Beyond the doorway was a very large animal type creature.  This creature had the ability to morph into different shapes.  It appeared at first like a dinosaur/camel hybrid, but it had great strength and agility and was there to both guide and protect this holy entrance.  Allowing us to pass, the ship began to move.  We progressed further into the womb of the great holy ship.  There lay many treasures, which appeared in the form of gold, it was our lineages and gifts, which now that they were together, are about to be released to help us on the great mission we have been assigned to.  Prior to this these, these resources had been protected and kept back from us.   There was also a message about the life force (prana, chi, mana)Image.  While there is nothing wrong with sharing the life force of love, it needs to be kept in a balance of respect, honor and power.  This lesson was so important, we were not allowed to progress further for another three days to integrate this lesson of love and shared responsibility.  As we progressed through this treasure chamber, another chamber appeared.  There were two lavender purple ribbons, and we were to skate upon them to the next reality.  We are not yet permitted to go there, for another three days.  During this time, we were reminded that the holiness of the mission demands that we are in top spiritual shape, and that our spiritual father, God, is there to guide us, and watch over us.  In the meantime, we went to another planet, a blue planet, where our doubles were seen, observed by us from the inside of an orb.  They looked at us and wondered about the alien orb that was observing them.  I found that an ironic twist, as the star family has sent observer ships to us for quite a while now, and now we are doing the observing!   There is more to come, but the message is one of freeing the love within, being strong and full of courage, compassion, respect, and love, and that the energy is once again moving quickly.  Expect multiple coincidences and synchronicities during this next time cycle.  Soon we will be allowed to progress upon the lavender strips to the next guidance.  We will inform you of this once it is clear.

Alternate realities becoming reality

It is an interesting time of late.  Alternate realities are showing themselves as dreams to many of you.  If you see me (Linda) in a dream, it is probably not a dream, but an alternate reality.  We co-exist in multiple dimensions.  It is sometimes hard as humans to realize that, but we are very busy during our ‘sleeping’ time, which is the ‘waking’ time in another reality.  Usually when these come to one’s realization in this reality, it is because the pathways are converging to complete a mission on both sides of the paradigm.  The energy is such right now to tap in to these alternate worlds and to liberate yourself from this limited reality.  Stay focused on your spiritual growth to realize these truths.  Keep your food choices clean, drink pure spring water, meditate and pray daily, and exercise your body, mind and soul.  You are evolving, the human species is evolving.  The light codes have been laid down in your DNA already, and are activating as  you read this.  The time is now for the new human, the light human, to emerge.  You are thenew light human,  You are the bridge.  That is why so many of you are confused, yet so clear, for you know your purpose here is great.  You the bridge between the old way and new way of light.  Love, harmony, prosperity, kindness, cooperation are some of the constructs of the new way you are creating.  We are here to help.  Be in your sacred space and most of all, be in the vibration of love.  Love changes the world through collective vibration of peace.  It is time.

This is what StarChild had to say today: Image‘Remember that we are here right now. We may not appear in the way that you think, but we are always here. We have kept our eyes on the Earth and all the beings that co exist with her for millennium. It is a time of transition and of raising the consciousness and vibration to a point where we can be seen in this dimension. Keep your faith, and know that all things are truly possible, including that we materialize in the 3 dimensional world. It will be some time for that occurs to the multitudes, but for now we do appear to many of you in light form, and to some in dreams, and others in alternative realities. We are appearing in 3D to more and more of you as well. Remember you exist in more than one ‘place’ at a time. That may be difficult for some of you to understand, but this will help you to understand the dreams that are coming for some of you. Prepare yourself by keeping your spirit pure. Fasting, prayer, meditation, drumming, chanting, dancing and the like, help you to connect to the vibrations that bring this higher dimensional ‘world’ to fruition. Collectively this increases the light on this planet to allow for the co-existance of all beings together in love and harmony. The time from now until the full moon is especially important to bring in the light. Do not be surprised at what you will begin to see. We are here and will continue to show ourselves to those who can ‘see’ until the vibration is such that all can see. Vibrate to the color pink, and watch the skies for the next three nights. It is a very exciting time for humans on the brink of much further ascension.’-StarChild