The Vortex of Sacred Geometry is now open!

It has been an intense time as of late.  The vortex of 11-12-13 opened up through a series of downloads of sacred geometries.  I was sent to Jupiter to retrieve information, some of which is contained here.  A small trip to Saturn happened as well, with more to be revealed later as it is revealed to us.  For now, this is the time of incorporating the essence of these most basic energetic shapes of creation into your field.  More planetary explorations are coming, each has their gifts that are being downloaded for us to share.  The fabric of the time-space continuum has been altered and the energy is available for all to embody.   Triangles, tetrahedrons,  and all types of shapes are calling us to use creativity in creating this new world.  We all have a part to play.  Here are a few of the past few days channeling of StarChild, and the book has the details of the journeys.  Thank you for coming along with us as together we are changing the world together through love, light and sharing. bless



StarChild’s recent Image


‘The vortex is now open and the next phase of expanding the potential of all is now here.  It is time to grow and stretch beyond what you have thought you are capable of, and to bring in this new level of understanding.  Continue to notice the geometry of the natural world, for it will enable you to resonate with the creative force which is growing strong within you.  We have coded you with the song of the stars.  Go to the evening sky and look to the south.  See the patterns the stars have to show you.  Bring that pattern into your field and receive the message.  For the next three nights do this and your message will come through.  The fabric of time has been altered, it is the new way of being.  Be love, light, compassion, and happiness.  It is time.’-StarChild




‘Know that the sacredness of all creation is contained within.  Look to the night sky and vibrate to the element of the stars, that is your true essence, and one that will lead you home.  The vortex has opened to allow the secrets to be shown to you more easily.  The secret is love, and that is what you are also made of.  You come from the stars, and your vibration is known.  Be pure, be true, and be the light you wish you see in this world.  Your actions affect all as your essence permeates through the ether.  Know you are sacred, as is all creation.  Go within and see.’-StarChild



‘Blessings abound on this most auspicious day of sacred numbers, shapes and colors. This vortex will continue as you embrace the consciousness within. Know your star family is present and is here to help, you have only to call and listen for the response. Be still and listen, and your answers will come.’-StarChild




‘The spirals that one sees in all of nature connect all to all,  From the nautilus shell to the shape of galaxies, know that you, too, are a part of this great continuum. Honor your place in the great cosmos, and know that you are as important as everything else.  Your love, your involvement, and the energy you contribute all matter.  We see you vibrating higher and higher as the consciousness of all beings is rising,  Some are having trouble adjusting to the new way of being, but all are evolving one way or another.  Change is the constant, and this is happening now.  We are revealing ourselves to you in multiple ways to assure you the path you are taking is the right one.  Look for us in the night sky in the north west, and see if you see our triangular ships and the orbs of blue and white light.  We are here, and we are proud of the way you are evolving and adjusting to this new way of being.  Look to the skies, and the know you belong, for all are connected in the great web of life and love.’-StarChild


Sacredness in all around you

It has been an interesting time, many people are experiencing contact in varying forms, many involving requests from the natural world for help in loving them back to health, specifically the pollinators and the sea creatures have been making contact.  Remember there are undersea bases that communicate with the ships and the whale beings and the dolphin beings, at times, are intermediaries between the worlds.  July 27th is the day to hold the ocean family, and the undersea bases in your thoughts and prayers.  Together as we raise the collective vibration in light and love, may their restoration occur.  Please consider joining us on line atImage:

In addition, this came transmission came in regarding a very special place here on the Big Island of Hawaii, one valley over from the sacred valley Waipio, called Wanamanu (spelling?) I am still in awe of this transmission, and when we receive further instructions regarding this we will proceed (as in the event above for the ocean family).  Much love to you all, and mahalo, thank you, for your continued love and support.

July 13, 2013


Waimanu valley

valley of the stars/the ancient ones calling


There is a very holy place in Waimanu valley asking for a code for the star gate to activate.  The code came to me and it was spoken by us.  The dimensional doorways shifted, and as it did, we could see the ancient starship, disc shaped, silver, with the symbols which by now are familiar to us, beaming energy to the sacred ground which was at one time an ancient altar, about 2/3 of the way up from the valley floor and somewhat inland on the right if looking from the ocean.  This altar is to this day attended to by stone beings, who look somewhat similar to rocks and tikis.  This ship beamed golden light to this altar, which then changed to the blue light that carries the consciousness of love and the life force.  This altar area also contained many plants, some of which were retrieved by the ship and taken aboard.  These particular plants are filled with a great deal of mana, or life force energy, kauwsi, prana, etc, and this energy was permeated throughout this sacred valley as well.  Some of the plants in this altar area have a blue tinge, but most were green, and carry the green ray of love which permeates the plant kingdom with love and healing.   Similar episodes have happened to the other sacred axis mundi of the world and the sacred plants all carry this golden into blue light of holy consciousness.  This is why the ceremonies and traditions carry similar vibrations of holiness throughout this world and the others as well.  All are connected.  This sacred mana feed the spirit of the beings throughout this planet.  The blue light went down far underground and re emerged in the plant kingdom, through the roots, in the seaweed, kelp, trees, bushes, ferns, etc.  to carry the life-force of love.  Tend to the plants and listen to them for they are the keepers of the energy of the ancient wisdom and ways now being rediscovered.  The codes are in them, and particular plants have been seeded with perfect knowledge of love.  Some of these holy plants are awa, ayahuasca in the jungle, native tobacco, ferns, taro, kokua nut tree, blue jade vine, maile vine, bromeliads, ferns, orchids, some cacti (although not in this particular valley), to name but a few.  This vibration of the blue light is part of the reason why the oceans appear blue, and why the green ray of love (the mixture of teh golden ray and the blue) is within the plants.  It is also why they must be conserved and treated with the love and respect they deserve.  The ancient wisdom has been contained in the plants, and was seeded here over 26,000 years ago.  It is now the entry into the light cycle of the new golden age that this star-gate has now been made known and this knowledge is available to all and for all.  This is also why the supplications and prayers for healing all aspects of this planet is so imperative.  The healing is held in the plants, the waters in them and their flowers and essences as well.  Prayers for a balanced and healthy ecosystem  are made.  Gratitude to the stone beings from the previous dimensions who have held the space and guarded this sacred altar’s entrance of this powerful and beautiful star-gate.  It is now open and blesses the world with it’s love.  The blue light is the light that animates all life and how beings travel through dimensions and in between the ‘lives’ they live.  This will be made more freely available as this cycle of the light continues.  Love your plants, they feed your soul and spirit.  A healthy forest is a healthy planet, heal the waters.  I see dolphins, whales, canoe, waterfalls on either side of the altar tended to by stone beings.  Inter-dimensional healing is occurring now on this planet, and will continue.  the divine hears our prayers, and our star-family has come to greet us and make themselves known.  Thank you for this holy vision of light and love.  Mahalo Ke Akua.  Bless.  


Reynolds and I then did a ceremony and the swirling light engulfed us.  The plants merged with us, and in Reynolds heart area, appeared a heart shaped leaf, which looked like a taro leaf.  I was struck by how much vessels, like blood vessels and nerve ‘trees’ look like plants. Very, very special.  Thank you, as I am still shaking from this most lovely of experiences.  bless