Star Family Update



The past few days have seen confirmations from all over the glove in regards to the shift in preparation for the Pleiadean’s arrival on April 11th.  Many have received downloads regarding the importance of shifting their sounds (vibrations) and rearranging the ‘songs’ that we play.  This allows for different outcomes than previous experiences.  Many projects of spiritual intents of many months or years in the making are now beginning to bear fruit.  Some are noticing increased creative cycles or sudden flashes of insight.  There is still distractions, yet if one keeps the focus on the progress of the new world of light, love, harmony and peace, one can see the funneling of the cosmic energies becoming more clear.  These cosmic forces which have now passed through the equinox, with all the assorted ceremonies performed all over this globe, have ushered in this new cycle of light.  Creation of the new way of life is now enhanced.  Listen to your dreams and visions as they hold great power to inform you at this time.  In preparation for this Star Family contact, make a daily commitment to prayer and meditation.  Face the north and ask for your ancestors to show you the way.  The connection is already established, and many are already feeling this inter-dimensional axis open.  It will continue to gain strength until the 11th, as then the energy of the Holy Ones will take precedent.  It is a most auspicious time.  Note if layers of density still need to be shed and allow that process to flow.  Bathe in a salt bath, smudge your space with sage or other incense and burn a white candle.  In addition to the Pleaideans, other star families are also participating, especially the Arcturians, Sirians, and Andromedans, and will come along with them in an inter-dimensional federation of light.  Many of you are already working with them and know your assignments  in this upcoming event.  Be full of light, love and compassion and stay in the highest of vibrations.  Your resonance allows others to connect and change their paradigm, thus ushering in the great paradigm shift of this time.  Stay away from those foods which deplete your essence, and embrace living foods which have vitality.  Stay rested and well hydrated, you are being prepared for this most special gift from our Star family.  Focus on the harmonics of everything you encounter, food, sounds, lights, emotions, relationships, the land, sky, seas, stars, and spirit.  Honor  your own harmonic that is unique to your vibration.  This is your star song.  Rejoice! 

Healing the planet through the plants and animals, continued, night 2

Going back in

Animal and plant healing



After the previous night’s mission to go in and begin the energetic transformation, we were once again instructed to attend the intergalactic counsel.  After the huge bomb blast of love things are beginning to shift.  This is being made manifest by the increase in media campaign coverage for war in this reality, as the fear mongering knows on some level that this is no longer the way to do business.  At the end of each age, death throws get very dramatic before they go away, and the new way of light is the norm.


We once again all toned in harmony with being from throughout the multiverse.  After a while, the vortex of light opened and revealed the area in question, still in turmoil as the transition is ongoing.  We were sent in this time to do healing work on the land, plants and animals.  They have all been affected by the vibrations of this place, and the traumatic residues needed to be cleared.  The sparkles left from the rainbows of the pegasus showed us where to begin.  We climbed upon the pegasus and got to work.


The plants, who looked weak and sick, were given light from the star family, through the vortex of light, enabling them to rebound from the toxicity they have been exposed to.  The insects were next, pollinators, bees, and other flying creatures, then the birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.  All beings were subject to the light being sent to them from the star family, amplified by the prayers of all beings everywhere sending the healing light to all the creatures there. 


We could feel the traumatic impact of explosions, bullets, bombs, gaseous compounds, and the deep energy of fear turned to hate.  This had to transmute through our bodies to go to the light and leave this land.  I have encountered this many times before in missions to clear lands as diverse as lands of world war II, the American Civil War, and the Vietnam War.  The feeling of multiple peoples’ suffering is one I wish on no one.  It makes me cry to feel the suffering of those in battle, as well as the mourning of those who loved them.  This has been part of my galactic makeup through my Pleiadean heritage, and one that I have learned to adjust to throughout my time in this incarnation on Earth.  This was new and especially difficult for Reynolds, who is new to empathic forms of healing, and even his new suit of golden armor could not keep him from feeling those vibrations of those in that place.  It was an uneasy feeling for us both, but we were sent on a mission from our star family, to transform the energy there, for all occurs first in the energy field.  


After this had passed through us, a beautiful light began to faintly glow, radiating from the very land itself.  We thanked the star family who had been giving us the directions throughout this journey, and who’s toning set the pace for the healing to occur.  

We were then sent back to the circle of the counsel, thanking them for the opportunity to be of service, and to grow through this experience.  We thanked them for their love and guidance and healing forces upon the land and animals.


The animals nodded in appreciation, as they could feel the love sent to them from all.  There was a knowingness that by listening and connecting with the great beings in the animal kingdom,much can be learned, and also one can be guided.  The world wants peace, and as such, these healing will continue.  The galactic counsel is very pleased that the people of Earth send their love and healing to all regions of this globe, especially those areas in trouble.  They continue to show themselves to those who are willing to participate in dialogue with them.  Through an open heart of love and peace, the world will be changed.  


As we looked around the counsel and saw many familiar faces, we knew this world and the others are connected through the binding of love.  The multiverse connects us one to another, and we are all responsible for our energy that we contribute to the collective whole.  By making our energy one of love, harmony, and peace, the quanta of energy needed to overcome any opposing energy is achieved.  We are reminded to continuously be in prayer and meditation, for love and peace truly can change the vibration of this world.  One day we can sit in a counsel of Earth peace, just as the Galactic Federation of Light is the model for intergalactic peace.  Stay strong and be love.  Thank you.  bless.Image

Confirmation of ships sighted at Joshua Tree

We have just received news from Blake and Brent Cousins of Third Phase Moon (those who did our video, see previous post) of confirmation that an arrow shaped ship was seen at Joshua Tree this weekend.  This was observed at the UFO conference by Steven Greer, as reported to us from the Cousin brothers.  Just thought you would want to know.  Please let us know if you know of other sightings during this time.  Thank you.  bless

Star Family Update

Star Family Update


Message came through yesterday regarding a triangular red ship that will be present for the next several days.  We were told to look in the northeast – that it will be anywhere from the east to the north.   At 4:44 am the ship appeared, and yellow and red light were seen which came in from the east.  The message was that more contact will be made over the next seven days.  There are messages being delivered to people who have been open and ready to receive contact from their star family.  The numbers are harboring the sacred codes of contact, and people are encouraged to notice the numbers, especially the time, related to 4.  Therefore, multiples of 4, including 8, 16, 32, 64, etc, are to be paid attention to.  There is an impending push through of that which has been worked towards.  For example, projects which are from the stars that those connected have been directed are about to come to fruition.  Expect barriers to be removed in the most unusual way, and for the star family to continue the guidance to see these project through.  People of Earth – prepare to be participants in the restoration of this being Earth.  Through listening to the sacredness of the water, plants and animals as well as the signs in the sky and earth, the holiness is restored and brought once again back in to balance.  You are key to this change.  You are becoming more and more open and your vibration has been calibrated to this change.  That is why things are manifesting in a more timely manner for humans at this time.  The DNA is activated and is now integrating the new human in to the programming.  It is a most exciting time as the barriers are removed and the guidance is here.  Look to the sky, especially the north east (but anywhere from the north to the east) for the lights in the sky to confirm this for you.  They will be visible for the next seven days.  Much is going on on this globe and people are seeking the answers – which are being delivered to you at this time now.  So, be actively listening, your star family is calling.  Those with connections from Sirius will feel this the most.  Be aware and journey forth.  The numbers open dimensional pathways by creating a portal for contact.  Notice what stands out for you. bless.

Star Family Update – contact has been made

The mother ship is here and will continue her visitations for the next three days.  Please connect daily to the stars and listen for your message.  All races are represented here, and they are initiating contact.  Listen and be still in sacred space. Drum, chant, rattle, pray, dance, burn sage or incense, or open sacred space in whatever way you are comfortable with.  This is the transcript from last night’s contact.  bless    ‘I am in awe of what I have just witnessed. As per instructions from the star family, I went outside at the appointed time. The mother ship was to be nearby in the sky at this particular time. As I went outside, I sat overlooking the ocean, and went in to a sacred state. Above me, was the bottom of a great ship, whose ends were not visible. It stretched to way over the ocean, up to the mountain, and what appeared to be both sides of the island. As I sat there, mesmerized by this site, I saw concentric circles of blue-white light come down from the ship. The one at the bottom of the ship was huge, the next smaller, and smaller, until the smallest one, which was the size of my head, and surrounded it. At that moment, I was given some instructions, and this message: The revolution is of the heart. Those in positions of leadership know we are here, and their hearts are being adjusted to this fact. For some, it is a matter of voicing our presence, for we have been working with some leaders for quite some time. For others, things in their world are beginning to change, and for them it is not yet making sense. We are not here to scare them, but rather to open their eyes to the truth, and to their position of leadership for the good of all beings. For some have heart’s that have been hardened through personal power, greed and ego, and for them to see the truth of their actions will require they expose their true soul which is love, like all others. They must then allow forgiveness to take place in their heart to allow change in their actions and positions. This will take some time, for now they are still questioning why they are feeling contrary to what they have told themselves they believe to allow them to continue in that pattern. This must now be reversed. To take their positions of leadership will require the strength to stand up to the status quo, which they have had a huge part in. This will not result in an immediate change, but rather a softening leading to a change. Others, who already are aware of our presence, are understanding their role in stepping up to lead others in this paradigm of love. The love is so powerful, that all will accept it eventually, but may struggle with trust issues as this reality becomes true for them. Compassion and peace are the way of the galactic federation, and it is now time for the beings on Earth to graduate to this level of tolerance, love and peace. All your religions have been based on this fact, as we taught this to you so very long ago. The ego, greed and power has led to divisiveness which has led many to forget that the very tenet of love and peace which all beings know at their core. It is time to remember, and that is why we are here. Your leaders are remembering. That is disturbing for some, refreshing for others. More information will be given daily for the next several days. Disclosure has already happened. The heart awakenings are in place. We are here to monitor the situation, as we find that some humans regress in times of paradigm shifts, wishing to keep the old structure in place, even though it is crumbling before their eyes. That is the case here. So with love and compassion, we will work on the hearts. We hear those who call us, and we are strengthening each one to more fully realize their position in this multi-galactic world you are entering and becoming a full fledged member of. Earth and humanity IS ready. People are learning to trust what is true from an internal compass which will always harmonize with the light and love of the vibration they are aligned with. It is good.’

With that thousands of little tiny lights flickered and felt like little angel wings. The rings then disappeared. More will be revealed tomorrow. But for now, I am grateful for this experience, and will look to the sky tomorrow for more revelations. bless