Star Family Update – the Starship of Light

This is a most incredible time, since the Starship of Light first came in July.  It has been present throughout the super moons, and now its messages have come through.  In love and light,

Starkeepers, Linda and Reynolds

As channeled by Linda:

Starship of Light

The Starship of light has come and now left, leaving a trail of enlightenments in her wake.  When she first arrived, the illumination was offered, and many of you took part in ceremonies to honor the arrival of our star brethren.  This time has taken many of us by surprise, as there were many obstacles to overcome – as was told to us prior to the arrival.  Now that the ‘harvest moon,’ has passed, the starship, which was scheduled to leave with it, is remaining nearby.  For this past 2 months, there has been a great turmoil, with even galactic battles, which are very rare, occurring.  The star family express their great appreciation for all the prayers and energy sent their way, and to all the hot spots on this particular planet.  That being said, there were two times, when evacuation was being considered.  I was asked to ‘come home’ until things passed, but instead, the love, energy, and prayers overcame the urgent danger that we have all lived through.  It is no accident that it appears that world is in crisis – it is – but danger and opportunity also can create the new shift which is necessary to our evolution as a species of light.  Some of us let our guard down, and now we must be very clear that our prayers, love and energetic undertakings carry great weight – not only in this realm – but in the other realms as well.  The Christ light – that which is the Starship of Light – is the most potent of all.  This is pure, unconditional love from the highest of the divine, and is being poured upon all.  Those who are open to receive it are especially blessed.  It is time to examine the past two months – the time the StarShip of Light has been  present – what lessons have you learned?  Many were distracted by fear and are only now beginning to realize that illusion for what it is.  That does not mean that there are very real dangers out there – but the amount of love or fear that resides within you is your choice.  Which do you feed?  That is what will manifest.

There is a lot of forgiveness work that needs to be done.  Some need to forgive others, but ultimately one must forgive oneself.    You are loved and there is no need to continue to do things that harm you or anyone else.  Forgive yourself and love yourself and move on.  If you are living a double life, it is time to own up be honest and restore your soul.  Love is the only truth, and is the way to be healed.  Many people are in the throes of addictions, fears, mental conditions, or feel paralyzed by their life choice options.  You always have options, including doing nothing and staying right where you are.

Some have been asking in their spirit for a cleansing, a redemption, a healing, while not really knowing what to do or without proactively changing those behaviors that have brought on disrespect and dishonor to the land.  Some of these people in these areas have had so called ‘disasters’ take place, some have lost a lot, and some have realized that this was a necessary path for them to come back to their spiritual self.  Stuff will always be there, and you will always have what you need.  Perhaps not what you think your need, or what you think you want, but your needs will always be taken care of.  Trust is important here.  Do you trust that the Divine will take your needs seriously?  Do you know how loved you are?  Love is your birthright, and even if you do not get that love from other people, it still radiates within you – the Divine has put that energetic signature in you!  You have all that you need.  One must learn how to use such a powerful energetic stream as love, and it starts with trust.  Trust yourself to know when you are right – or not – and act accordingly.    Is there something you have been avoiding?  Your conscious will point you in the right direction – all have an inner gauge that knows right from wrong.  When you do what is right within your spirit one is light and free and unencumbered with guilt and shame – both which only serve to make one a prisoner within his or her self.

We are all given a new set of parameters to be with now.  The StarShip of Light (Christ’s light) is still here, and will be off to the horizon about 45 to 60 degrees.   Some will see it in the evening sky.  The Pleaideans will also be here soon, by the 21st of September, followed by the Andromedians.  The Arturians have been very busy protecting this planet and the Galactic Federation from the attacks which have now ceased.  In other words, our star family is here and will continue to be here.  You will continue to hear of natural disasters, but listen to the inner tunings to know what to do.  Your intuition has been heightened, it is what one needs to listen to to be able to thrive in this next wave of our evolution.  More light, more growth.

Respect for the natural environment, and for other living beings in general is of the highest priority.  Warriors of light know that Love is the greatest weapon, and it has many forms.  This can take place in the form of ceremonies, healings, chantings, going outside and picking up trash, educating others about the role of our living Earth and that we must love and respect all aspects of her to heal our species as well.  There are signs in the clouds and those will continue, look up and see what is there.

Many of you have had encounters during this time that have been very profound.  Dreams, visions, encounters with your star family, angels and guides has been common.  This will continue.  As you put forth your love, trust and respect, the vibration continues to encourage that interaction.  Remember this all comes from love.  Listen to your inner wisdom and discern all.  Love those who are having a hard time loving themselves.  And remember to love yourself.  You are a child of the most high, and as such, must remember that you are a reflection of that divinity.  This hologram of life ensures that as we radiate our love, respect and healing, that this will be reciprocated in the intention in which it is sent out.  Therefore, be of one mind of love, sending that love to any places that need it.  You are responsible for what your thoughts are.  Make them pure, holy and good.   The Christ is near and listening, and many of you have seen him and his angels.  They are here to protect, and to guide.  Do not be afraid, for this is what you have desired in the deepest part of your soul.  You have manifested this desire and now it is time to own it.  Share your love with others, but do not judge or push your agenda.  Vibrate the aura of divine love and compassion to all, including yourself.  This is a time of reflection until the next ship comes.  Enjoy this time, and honor it to change what may need to be changed, and to just be grateful for the experience of the divine love that animates this world we live in.  Shift your focus and you will see that.  Blessings and love from the StarShip of Light and all those who watch over you.  You are loved, go forth and love as well.  bless.

Silver (white) and Gold (yellow) ships tonight, northeast sky – 7 to 8 pm your local time

Today will see the appearance of the white and yellow ships, they will appear more like silver and gold.  Interesting that these colors of light ships appear right before the coming of the return of the light, the solstice in the northern hemisphere of the blue globe called Earth.  


This is to illuminate the opposing hemispheres of the brain, bringing the intellect and the creative aspects of one’s being together in a cohesive union of brightness.  Many forces are at play today, and there is much work being done within.  This is a day of celebration for those not distracted by the Earthly realms.  


Discover your inner knowing of who you are and why you are here.  Do you know your purpose?  Are you fulfilling this?  How can you make your life even better?  Seek these answers from within, and seek your star family tonight.  The hours of 7 to 8 pm local time is the best time for them to be seen.  Look to the northeast, and open your heart and receive your revelation.


The Vortex of Sacred Geometry is now open!

It has been an intense time as of late.  The vortex of 11-12-13 opened up through a series of downloads of sacred geometries.  I was sent to Jupiter to retrieve information, some of which is contained here.  A small trip to Saturn happened as well, with more to be revealed later as it is revealed to us.  For now, this is the time of incorporating the essence of these most basic energetic shapes of creation into your field.  More planetary explorations are coming, each has their gifts that are being downloaded for us to share.  The fabric of the time-space continuum has been altered and the energy is available for all to embody.   Triangles, tetrahedrons,  and all types of shapes are calling us to use creativity in creating this new world.  We all have a part to play.  Here are a few of the past few days channeling of StarChild, and the book has the details of the journeys.  Thank you for coming along with us as together we are changing the world together through love, light and sharing. bless



StarChild’s recent Image


‘The vortex is now open and the next phase of expanding the potential of all is now here.  It is time to grow and stretch beyond what you have thought you are capable of, and to bring in this new level of understanding.  Continue to notice the geometry of the natural world, for it will enable you to resonate with the creative force which is growing strong within you.  We have coded you with the song of the stars.  Go to the evening sky and look to the south.  See the patterns the stars have to show you.  Bring that pattern into your field and receive the message.  For the next three nights do this and your message will come through.  The fabric of time has been altered, it is the new way of being.  Be love, light, compassion, and happiness.  It is time.’-StarChild




‘Know that the sacredness of all creation is contained within.  Look to the night sky and vibrate to the element of the stars, that is your true essence, and one that will lead you home.  The vortex has opened to allow the secrets to be shown to you more easily.  The secret is love, and that is what you are also made of.  You come from the stars, and your vibration is known.  Be pure, be true, and be the light you wish you see in this world.  Your actions affect all as your essence permeates through the ether.  Know you are sacred, as is all creation.  Go within and see.’-StarChild



‘Blessings abound on this most auspicious day of sacred numbers, shapes and colors. This vortex will continue as you embrace the consciousness within. Know your star family is present and is here to help, you have only to call and listen for the response. Be still and listen, and your answers will come.’-StarChild




‘The spirals that one sees in all of nature connect all to all,  From the nautilus shell to the shape of galaxies, know that you, too, are a part of this great continuum. Honor your place in the great cosmos, and know that you are as important as everything else.  Your love, your involvement, and the energy you contribute all matter.  We see you vibrating higher and higher as the consciousness of all beings is rising,  Some are having trouble adjusting to the new way of being, but all are evolving one way or another.  Change is the constant, and this is happening now.  We are revealing ourselves to you in multiple ways to assure you the path you are taking is the right one.  Look for us in the night sky in the north west, and see if you see our triangular ships and the orbs of blue and white light.  We are here, and we are proud of the way you are evolving and adjusting to this new way of being.  Look to the skies, and the know you belong, for all are connected in the great web of life and love.’-StarChild


Healing the planet through the plants and animals, continued, night 2

Going back in

Animal and plant healing



After the previous night’s mission to go in and begin the energetic transformation, we were once again instructed to attend the intergalactic counsel.  After the huge bomb blast of love things are beginning to shift.  This is being made manifest by the increase in media campaign coverage for war in this reality, as the fear mongering knows on some level that this is no longer the way to do business.  At the end of each age, death throws get very dramatic before they go away, and the new way of light is the norm.


We once again all toned in harmony with being from throughout the multiverse.  After a while, the vortex of light opened and revealed the area in question, still in turmoil as the transition is ongoing.  We were sent in this time to do healing work on the land, plants and animals.  They have all been affected by the vibrations of this place, and the traumatic residues needed to be cleared.  The sparkles left from the rainbows of the pegasus showed us where to begin.  We climbed upon the pegasus and got to work.


The plants, who looked weak and sick, were given light from the star family, through the vortex of light, enabling them to rebound from the toxicity they have been exposed to.  The insects were next, pollinators, bees, and other flying creatures, then the birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.  All beings were subject to the light being sent to them from the star family, amplified by the prayers of all beings everywhere sending the healing light to all the creatures there. 


We could feel the traumatic impact of explosions, bullets, bombs, gaseous compounds, and the deep energy of fear turned to hate.  This had to transmute through our bodies to go to the light and leave this land.  I have encountered this many times before in missions to clear lands as diverse as lands of world war II, the American Civil War, and the Vietnam War.  The feeling of multiple peoples’ suffering is one I wish on no one.  It makes me cry to feel the suffering of those in battle, as well as the mourning of those who loved them.  This has been part of my galactic makeup through my Pleiadean heritage, and one that I have learned to adjust to throughout my time in this incarnation on Earth.  This was new and especially difficult for Reynolds, who is new to empathic forms of healing, and even his new suit of golden armor could not keep him from feeling those vibrations of those in that place.  It was an uneasy feeling for us both, but we were sent on a mission from our star family, to transform the energy there, for all occurs first in the energy field.  


After this had passed through us, a beautiful light began to faintly glow, radiating from the very land itself.  We thanked the star family who had been giving us the directions throughout this journey, and who’s toning set the pace for the healing to occur.  

We were then sent back to the circle of the counsel, thanking them for the opportunity to be of service, and to grow through this experience.  We thanked them for their love and guidance and healing forces upon the land and animals.


The animals nodded in appreciation, as they could feel the love sent to them from all.  There was a knowingness that by listening and connecting with the great beings in the animal kingdom,much can be learned, and also one can be guided.  The world wants peace, and as such, these healing will continue.  The galactic counsel is very pleased that the people of Earth send their love and healing to all regions of this globe, especially those areas in trouble.  They continue to show themselves to those who are willing to participate in dialogue with them.  Through an open heart of love and peace, the world will be changed.  


As we looked around the counsel and saw many familiar faces, we knew this world and the others are connected through the binding of love.  The multiverse connects us one to another, and we are all responsible for our energy that we contribute to the collective whole.  By making our energy one of love, harmony, and peace, the quanta of energy needed to overcome any opposing energy is achieved.  We are reminded to continuously be in prayer and meditation, for love and peace truly can change the vibration of this world.  One day we can sit in a counsel of Earth peace, just as the Galactic Federation of Light is the model for intergalactic peace.  Stay strong and be love.  Thank you.  bless.Image

Sharing the Love and Peace

Many shifts are happening as the world fixates on yet another war.  We are here to remind you that the way to peace is through love.  Reynolds has of late been visited by his Sirian star family and they began to place a golden armor on him.  This has grown over the past few nights.  Last night we were transported to another dimension with a great counsel of beings.  They have come from all over the multiverse for this mission of a peaceful Earth is pressing to them as well.  This is not the first of these meetings, nor will it be the last, but we were present and we were to go in.   I could see myself in full Pleiadean regalia, and Reynolds in his Sirian armor, as well as all the other star families in their galactic best.  This was an important meeting, as the peace of Earth affects all in the multiverse. As we prepared, we were toning in unison for a long while, and then a vortex of light opened up.  White light that went down to Earth.  I was presented with an old friend to assist me, a white pegasus, named Kali, whom I rode near daily when I was a child.  It was good to see her again.  I climbed upon her back.  Reynolds was attached to me with a thin metal chain, like a necklace, with a gem in the middle.  He got on and we began to descend down the vortex.  He then was told to jump in the middle, while Kali and I made a diagonal loop, spiraling down like a helix.  

When we got close to Earth, we saw the map of the middle east and noticed the vortex was centered over Syria.  We continued to go down, and smoke and density greeted us. We continued on through the dense smoke until Reynolds feet were firmly on the ground.  I continued on the pegasus, and noticed that where her wings were, rainbows began.  We rode in a circle to clear the area and bring in the light of the sparkly rainbows. This made the way clear and also facilitated instructions from the counsel above.  Reynolds, meanwhile, was to hold firmly on the ground as I guided him, the slight silver chain would ensure we stay near.  Multiple shots of anger, distrust, and many other densities flew towards him.  Explosions occurred.  His newly placed golden armor was invincible to these attacks.  I was not, however, and rode swiftly to stay out of harms way.  He vibrated the golden love from his heart as he took ever increasing attacks.  It was then I was told he was to find the cave, tomb, or rock, as there was an energy there that was to help.  This was the sacred area that this region holds, and although many centuries have passed, is the origin for this holy ground.  He found a rock guarding an opening to a cave like structure.  I was instructed that he put his right hand on it.  As he placed his right hand upon this stone structure, a quantum force of energy permeated the entire region, rendering us incapable of further movement.  This was huge, like a unified field blast of love.   We then floated together to the top of the vortex, the energy of unconditional love that was released there, carried us to the top, intact and unharmed.  Our mission for now, was complete.  There was great celebration at this counsel, but we were told there would be more.  This dimensional shift was able to happen due to the amount of love and prayer being sent to this area by all of star family and mankind at this time.  This makes the way of love, which is the healing vibration, bringing change to all, including this most volatile region of this world.  We were told of the importance that all those on Earth continue the prayers and healing energies for this area of the world, and for the leaders of this crisis to have an open and loving heart.  Much more needs to be done, but the galactic leaders are behind the world finding peace.  It is important to them as well, as what affects Earth, affects the rest of the multi-verse, and was why they were summoned.  We were asked to remind beings that their love and prayers matter greatly, for the intent of peace and love is very powerful.  We do not know when or if we will be called again, as there are many in this world who carry this charge, but wanted to update all on the energetic shift that happened last night.  Knowing that all change happens first in the energetic realm, I am encouraged.  Please remain vigilant in your prayers for love and peace to prevail.  In the worlds of Christ, ‘Make Peace your Goal.’  blessImage

White ship seen over Hawaii

Today the white ship appeared.  The Buddhist lantern ceremony of honoring ancestors and loved ones who have transitioned was performed today in a lovely Hawaii bay.  The chantings and prayers from the Buddhist monk were powerful as the lanterns were lighted and all prayed together in unison.  As the lanterns were lovingly placed in the water, the sight was magical as they began to float out into the bay, and out through the inlet and out to the open sea.  I watched as angels guided the souls who were set free in the lighted lanterns, and set out to sea. 


As the first round of lanterns came, a large white bird being flew by, taking the souls to the next realm.  When the next wave of lanterns floated by, the bird being returned for their souls as well.  The angels continued to free the lanterns that were caught on the rocks.  It was then that the white ship appeared in the northwest sky.  The wind began to blow and the lanterns were freed and set out to sea.  As they passed the inlet, the white bird being again returned, signifying they were all taken to the next realm.  


The white ship is the ship of the ‘bird people,’ so called because they are often observed as bird headed humans.  They may also appear as winged angels, or as humanoid with large talons where a human’s feet would be.  They deliver a pure, high vibration of love and purity, and reminds us to be pure and holy as well.  It is through their realm that we pass through to the next dimension.  Many have encountered this star family without even knowing it.  It is time to be more mindful of the encounters now.


The lanterns continued out to the open sea as the waves crashed against the shore as the stars shone above.  The white ship stayed there for only a few moments, just to let us all know it was there.  Most were too focused on the lanterns floating in the sea to take notice of the sky.  It was approximately 7:25 pm Hawaii time.


Expect to see increased encounters with birds and flying creatures over the next several days.  Emulate the behavior that resonates with you to fully take advantage of the energies present.


They said that many various Star Families will be returning to connect with those here on Earth.  Those with family roots in Sirius and Orion will notice the next wave more pronounced than others, although all will feel the presence if mindful.  This is in part due to the need for their help in overcoming the tragic ways humans are treating each other.  It is time to restore the harmony, love and kindness so that there may peace, and our planet being restored back to health.  


It is time to realize that we are much more similar than we are different, in fact we are one family, as we all come from the stars.  It is time to release the pettiness and get on with the business of restoring peace.  Take time to connect to one’s star family through communication with nature, by looking to the sky, and by listening to the small, still voice within.  It is given to us for a reason.  


The white ship did not indicate when it would return, but did indicate more waves of sightings will begin soon, and to keep our eyes to the skies and our ears to the ground.  There will soon be signs on the Earth that will speak to you.  This may be the lighted path in a forest, or the rumblings of a quake, but the signs will begin within one week.  Do not fear, this is only to remind you that you are so much more than the earthly body in which you inhabit currently.  


Your DNA has been upgraded and is beginning to function.  Abilities are strengthening within you as you connect with the natural world.  This will continue and is part of the new normal of this era.  You will begin to hear of humans who have what seems to be extraordinary abilities.  Remember, that you, too, have abilities that are evolving, and as you listen to your star family’s messages for you, you will develop those abilities more quickly.  


Some may find that have either extra energy, or may be very tired, almost to the point of feeling drugged.  This is due to the upgrades you are receiving, and will pass within the week.  Try out what seems different to you, you may find your senses are improving, and that perhaps you can see better or hear better, or may heal faster or begin to receive messages.


The time table is an accelerated one.  It is already here and now all are catching up with the soon to be future.   Enjoy this time, it is preparing you for optimization of your gifts so that you may better serve.  bless


I thought I would also include today’s StarChild channeling, as when I read it after today’s events, it touched my heart.  May your days be blessed.  Starkeepers


‘Health is a gift you give yourself. Take the time today to recharge yourself, for there is still much work to be done. Fortify yourself for this mission, by taking this day to rest and relax. Make the time to connect with the natural world around you, for that nurtures your soul and gives peace to your body, by harmonizing the vibrational forces within and around you. Allow any densities to be released, so that you are a pure channel of light and love, which is your true essence. You will then find that you are in the best place to complete your mission you came here to do. Kindness, compassion, harmony, and love as required as you work for the peace between all. Make peace your goal within yourself as well, for then you are better equipped to deal with the things that are coming. We are here to remind you of your perfection in being, that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this time. Take this day to take a pause and reflect, so you may direct your energies to that which you came here for. Enjoy your gifts, your talents and those whom you love. The crystal being of rose quartz is one to surround yourself with today if possible. Channel the gentle love for self, others, and the multi-verse, as you connect to the vibration of health and wellness for all through the rose quartz. Connect to the color if you are not around the stone. It is good, and it is time.’-StarChild



Golden Lyrian Ship sighted at Full Moon

It has been an incredible time of late.  With the recent sighting of the red triangular ship, Star Family had made it clear that ships would also be present through the full moon.  Many have reported seeing ships of differing sizes, shapes and colors throughout this time period.  Last night, as we peered at the full moon, we saw a glittery golden ship.  Sort of a truncated pyramidal shape, it was clear that it was from Lyra.  This rarely seen ship has traveled far to bring us this message of Illumination.  Contact was made again at 2:22 am, and was told that another contact, and the message would be delivered at 1:11pm, local time.  In between the night and day times, we received confirmation that others have also seen this Golden ship, not only in Hawaii, but also on the east coast of the mainland, where many gathered and were witness to it.  


At 1:10pm, I felt the ships presence and went to a tree overlooking the water, at 1:11pm, the transmission began:



The Tree had may branches reaching over the water, a sturdy trunk, and multiple, thick roots stretching over the land.  I perched on one of the enormous roots and connected at that moment.


There are many expression of the Divine, one trunk and many roots.  All is one, and although it may seem separate, in reality it is one essence.  


The Golden light is the complement to the blue light that comes from and through the Pleiades.  The Golden ray of Illumination, along with the Blue ray of healing and life, (including the ability to transfer between lives), combine in the green ray of love, harmony and peace, which vibrates through the plant beings to immerse this planet in love.  There are 12 main vibrational essences, each along with a color, represented by various Star Families.  These are analogous to the 12 strands of DNA which are vibrating with new light codes that were downloaded during the ascension phase over the past two years or so (the ‘junk’ DNA activation phase).  Each strand contains a different element of color, and thus a different gift.  This Golden Ray is representative of the Lyrian Star Family, but has been represented in the past as ArchAngel Michael, the golden warrior angel, whose armor glows as gold as his sword cuts to the truth, and slays the lies.  


The Lyrians are the cat beings.  That primal  Divine Feline Energy has been represented as that of Bat, the Egyptian Cat Goddess, or as Sacred Tigers in the Himalayas, or Jaguars in the Americas.  The essence of this feline energy is one that is powerful enough to slay, but gentle enough to cuddle and purr.  It is this essence that has come in power, strength and beauty.  This is to make all aware that we carry both sides of the energies, and it is our choice as to which aspect of the energy comes through.  


Choose the love, as this what this transformative period is all about.  Transformation through Illumination.  This is the Golden Ray of Illumination delivered by the Golden Lyrian Ship.  Those who have seen this ship will see it again, and it precedes the arrival of the white ship of the bird people. (There was no mention when this would occur)  


To vibrate with this Lyrian Cat-like energy, we are reminded to stretch our bodies, lay in the sun, be finicky with what we ingest, move in a way that the energy feels better, and to be comfortable in your own ‘skin.’  Retain the flexibility of a cat in all aspects of the body, mind and spirit.  Notice if you can see better in the dark, or if you can balance better.  Can you hear the spirit’s voice and intuit the essences of creatures of the night.  The void is ripe with infinite possibilities.  What you create is up to you.  Embrace this energy as in becomes ones with your essence.  You will then be ready to meet the white ship when it arrives.  blessImage

Star Family Update

It has been an exciting week!  Triangular ships seen in Joshua Tree, other people have also reported seeing red ships, white ships and golden ones.  The message is one of harmony, peace and love.  Vibrate high as we create this new age of light.  Contact will continue through the full moon, so keep your eyes to the skies and let us know what you see!  bless

Confirmation of ships sighted at Joshua Tree

We have just received news from Blake and Brent Cousins of Third Phase Moon (those who did our video, see previous post) of confirmation that an arrow shaped ship was seen at Joshua Tree this weekend.  This was observed at the UFO conference by Steven Greer, as reported to us from the Cousin brothers.  Just thought you would want to know.  Please let us know if you know of other sightings during this time.  Thank you.  bless

Star Family Update

Star Family Update


Message came through yesterday regarding a triangular red ship that will be present for the next several days.  We were told to look in the northeast – that it will be anywhere from the east to the north.   At 4:44 am the ship appeared, and yellow and red light were seen which came in from the east.  The message was that more contact will be made over the next seven days.  There are messages being delivered to people who have been open and ready to receive contact from their star family.  The numbers are harboring the sacred codes of contact, and people are encouraged to notice the numbers, especially the time, related to 4.  Therefore, multiples of 4, including 8, 16, 32, 64, etc, are to be paid attention to.  There is an impending push through of that which has been worked towards.  For example, projects which are from the stars that those connected have been directed are about to come to fruition.  Expect barriers to be removed in the most unusual way, and for the star family to continue the guidance to see these project through.  People of Earth – prepare to be participants in the restoration of this being Earth.  Through listening to the sacredness of the water, plants and animals as well as the signs in the sky and earth, the holiness is restored and brought once again back in to balance.  You are key to this change.  You are becoming more and more open and your vibration has been calibrated to this change.  That is why things are manifesting in a more timely manner for humans at this time.  The DNA is activated and is now integrating the new human in to the programming.  It is a most exciting time as the barriers are removed and the guidance is here.  Look to the sky, especially the north east (but anywhere from the north to the east) for the lights in the sky to confirm this for you.  They will be visible for the next seven days.  Much is going on on this globe and people are seeking the answers – which are being delivered to you at this time now.  So, be actively listening, your star family is calling.  Those with connections from Sirius will feel this the most.  Be aware and journey forth.  The numbers open dimensional pathways by creating a portal for contact.  Notice what stands out for you. bless.