Healing the planet through the plants and animals, continued, night 2

Going back in

Animal and plant healing



After the previous night’s mission to go in and begin the energetic transformation, we were once again instructed to attend the intergalactic counsel.  After the huge bomb blast of love things are beginning to shift.  This is being made manifest by the increase in media campaign coverage for war in this reality, as the fear mongering knows on some level that this is no longer the way to do business.  At the end of each age, death throws get very dramatic before they go away, and the new way of light is the norm.


We once again all toned in harmony with being from throughout the multiverse.  After a while, the vortex of light opened and revealed the area in question, still in turmoil as the transition is ongoing.  We were sent in this time to do healing work on the land, plants and animals.  They have all been affected by the vibrations of this place, and the traumatic residues needed to be cleared.  The sparkles left from the rainbows of the pegasus showed us where to begin.  We climbed upon the pegasus and got to work.


The plants, who looked weak and sick, were given light from the star family, through the vortex of light, enabling them to rebound from the toxicity they have been exposed to.  The insects were next, pollinators, bees, and other flying creatures, then the birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.  All beings were subject to the light being sent to them from the star family, amplified by the prayers of all beings everywhere sending the healing light to all the creatures there. 


We could feel the traumatic impact of explosions, bullets, bombs, gaseous compounds, and the deep energy of fear turned to hate.  This had to transmute through our bodies to go to the light and leave this land.  I have encountered this many times before in missions to clear lands as diverse as lands of world war II, the American Civil War, and the Vietnam War.  The feeling of multiple peoples’ suffering is one I wish on no one.  It makes me cry to feel the suffering of those in battle, as well as the mourning of those who loved them.  This has been part of my galactic makeup through my Pleiadean heritage, and one that I have learned to adjust to throughout my time in this incarnation on Earth.  This was new and especially difficult for Reynolds, who is new to empathic forms of healing, and even his new suit of golden armor could not keep him from feeling those vibrations of those in that place.  It was an uneasy feeling for us both, but we were sent on a mission from our star family, to transform the energy there, for all occurs first in the energy field.  


After this had passed through us, a beautiful light began to faintly glow, radiating from the very land itself.  We thanked the star family who had been giving us the directions throughout this journey, and who’s toning set the pace for the healing to occur.  

We were then sent back to the circle of the counsel, thanking them for the opportunity to be of service, and to grow through this experience.  We thanked them for their love and guidance and healing forces upon the land and animals.


The animals nodded in appreciation, as they could feel the love sent to them from all.  There was a knowingness that by listening and connecting with the great beings in the animal kingdom,much can be learned, and also one can be guided.  The world wants peace, and as such, these healing will continue.  The galactic counsel is very pleased that the people of Earth send their love and healing to all regions of this globe, especially those areas in trouble.  They continue to show themselves to those who are willing to participate in dialogue with them.  Through an open heart of love and peace, the world will be changed.  


As we looked around the counsel and saw many familiar faces, we knew this world and the others are connected through the binding of love.  The multiverse connects us one to another, and we are all responsible for our energy that we contribute to the collective whole.  By making our energy one of love, harmony, and peace, the quanta of energy needed to overcome any opposing energy is achieved.  We are reminded to continuously be in prayer and meditation, for love and peace truly can change the vibration of this world.  One day we can sit in a counsel of Earth peace, just as the Galactic Federation of Light is the model for intergalactic peace.  Stay strong and be love.  Thank you.  bless.Image


Sharing the Love and Peace

Many shifts are happening as the world fixates on yet another war.  We are here to remind you that the way to peace is through love.  Reynolds has of late been visited by his Sirian star family and they began to place a golden armor on him.  This has grown over the past few nights.  Last night we were transported to another dimension with a great counsel of beings.  They have come from all over the multiverse for this mission of a peaceful Earth is pressing to them as well.  This is not the first of these meetings, nor will it be the last, but we were present and we were to go in.   I could see myself in full Pleiadean regalia, and Reynolds in his Sirian armor, as well as all the other star families in their galactic best.  This was an important meeting, as the peace of Earth affects all in the multiverse. As we prepared, we were toning in unison for a long while, and then a vortex of light opened up.  White light that went down to Earth.  I was presented with an old friend to assist me, a white pegasus, named Kali, whom I rode near daily when I was a child.  It was good to see her again.  I climbed upon her back.  Reynolds was attached to me with a thin metal chain, like a necklace, with a gem in the middle.  He got on and we began to descend down the vortex.  He then was told to jump in the middle, while Kali and I made a diagonal loop, spiraling down like a helix.  

When we got close to Earth, we saw the map of the middle east and noticed the vortex was centered over Syria.  We continued to go down, and smoke and density greeted us. We continued on through the dense smoke until Reynolds feet were firmly on the ground.  I continued on the pegasus, and noticed that where her wings were, rainbows began.  We rode in a circle to clear the area and bring in the light of the sparkly rainbows. This made the way clear and also facilitated instructions from the counsel above.  Reynolds, meanwhile, was to hold firmly on the ground as I guided him, the slight silver chain would ensure we stay near.  Multiple shots of anger, distrust, and many other densities flew towards him.  Explosions occurred.  His newly placed golden armor was invincible to these attacks.  I was not, however, and rode swiftly to stay out of harms way.  He vibrated the golden love from his heart as he took ever increasing attacks.  It was then I was told he was to find the cave, tomb, or rock, as there was an energy there that was to help.  This was the sacred area that this region holds, and although many centuries have passed, is the origin for this holy ground.  He found a rock guarding an opening to a cave like structure.  I was instructed that he put his right hand on it.  As he placed his right hand upon this stone structure, a quantum force of energy permeated the entire region, rendering us incapable of further movement.  This was huge, like a unified field blast of love.   We then floated together to the top of the vortex, the energy of unconditional love that was released there, carried us to the top, intact and unharmed.  Our mission for now, was complete.  There was great celebration at this counsel, but we were told there would be more.  This dimensional shift was able to happen due to the amount of love and prayer being sent to this area by all of star family and mankind at this time.  This makes the way of love, which is the healing vibration, bringing change to all, including this most volatile region of this world.  We were told of the importance that all those on Earth continue the prayers and healing energies for this area of the world, and for the leaders of this crisis to have an open and loving heart.  Much more needs to be done, but the galactic leaders are behind the world finding peace.  It is important to them as well, as what affects Earth, affects the rest of the multi-verse, and was why they were summoned.  We were asked to remind beings that their love and prayers matter greatly, for the intent of peace and love is very powerful.  We do not know when or if we will be called again, as there are many in this world who carry this charge, but wanted to update all on the energetic shift that happened last night.  Knowing that all change happens first in the energetic realm, I am encouraged.  Please remain vigilant in your prayers for love and peace to prevail.  In the worlds of Christ, ‘Make Peace your Goal.’  blessImage